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Meteorology Hydrology and Water Management

Operational setup of the soil-perturbed, time-lagged Ensemble Prediction System at the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute.

Meteorol. Hydrol. Water Manage. (2017) vol. 5; (2): 43-51
Online publication date: 2017-06-05
The usage of Ensemble Prediction System (EPS)-based weather forecasts is nowadays becoming very popular and widespread, because ensemble means better represent weather-related risks than a single (deterministic) forecast. Perturbations of the lower boundary state (i.e., layers of soil and the boundary between soil and the lower atmosphere) applied to the governing system are also believed to play an important role at any resolution. As a part of the research project of the Consortium for Small-scale Modelling (COSMO) at the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute (IMWM-NRI), a simple and efficient method was proposed to produce a reasonable number of valid ensemble members, taking into consideration predefined soil-related model parameters.Tests, case studies and long-term evaluations confirmed that small perturbations of a selected parameter(s) were sufficient to induce significant changes in the forecast of the state of the atmosphere and to provide qualitative selection of a valid member of the ensemble members. Another important factor that added a significant increment to ensemble spread was the time-lagged approach. All these aspects resulted in the preparation of a well-defined ensemble based on the perturbation of soil-related parameters, and introduced in the COSMO model operational setup at the IMWM--NRI. This system is intended for the use in forecasters’ routine work.
ensemble forecast, soil parameterization, operational setup, time-lagged ensemble
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